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"Unità d'artista" is a new residency for artists, dedicated to the space, to living, to the searching of a 'réverie' elsewhere. It is a place that is being designed and built; always the same, but different at the same time. It is a space in which one can just be, reflect, daydream, feel at home, contemplate. It is an experience to live and to personalize, a void to create, a blank page to fill, an essence and an absence to take and to make full, a corner where to gather, to imagine, to be soothed.
The first artist-in-residency is Francesco Bertelé. His project L'Amoureuse Initiation is a dwelling, a shelter, a structure that creates space and branches in all the corners of the room. This nest of ropes molds with the space and it will generate it, it will change together with the space, it will invade it in all its physicality. It is a not easily accessible and penetrable place, which must be understood and interpreted, accepted.
This is a place conceived thanks to many ideas which have as a main element the initiation of love, the game, the meeting of two bodies, the continuous bouncing between the thin line that separates life and death, fertility and infertility. On a short term the nest refers to the animal world, especially to the bird weaver, a particular type of bird which produces woven nests, which is concluded only if appreciated by the female bird.

However the nest is also the human emblem par excellence: the uterus is transformed into a nest at the time of pregnancy, containing and protecting the fetus. Consequently the characteristics of the personalities of those who have built it, are in the nest. Therefore it is a place that has inside a bouncing and living heart, the result of a carnal relationship.
The room, at first empty, becomes a container, a suitable place to build a shelter. It evokes organic and natural elements. It is a sort of base camp where the relationship with the space becomes essential and where -once you cross the threshold- you forget to be in the middle of the city, with trains, trams and cars whizzing just a few meters below.
Vital for the realization of this project is the sunlight: the sunlight that enters, moves, warms and changes the environment and how this light creates shadows with the absence of the body, not with the presence of the objects.
Two sculptures complete the L’Amoureuse Initiation; one is entitled "what you can't ignore, is what isn't allowed to believe..." and the other one is "understanding each other without saying it, without knowing it". Both are made with natural materials or collected in addition to other elements of the installation that during the months of 'nesting' are subject to change, inferring vitality and change to the "Unità d'Artista".



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